Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011


Hallo :-))

Hier kommt die von mir selbst gemachte Vorlage (Pattern) für die Kutsche.

Ich hoffe Ihr könnt erkennen was ich meine und wünsche Euch viel Spass damit :-))

monika xoxoxo

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  1. WAUW thank you so much for this sweetie, but unfortunately it can´t get enlarged to normal size, so we can only download it as a thumbnail here, so it´s way too small to use. Sorry to bother you with this hun, but I know, that many of the girls would love this, as they loves Parchment as much as we do, so maybe you can see, if there has been an error of some kind? I don´t know much about, how these blogs works, but I know, we normally can click on the pics to get them to enlarge to original size, but it doesn´t work on these.
    How clever of you to make your own patterns of this and soo great detailed and perfect. You are a really talented girl, that´s for sure.
    Have a wonderful week ahead hun.